Weekend Reads

Happy Friday + Weekend!

This week went by so quickly. The sun finally came out and is here to stay for the weekend! I got a massage a few afternoons ago and it was glorious. I highly recommend a hot rock massage to anyone! This weekend, I plan on reading and going to visit a best friend of mine who just moved an hour away! We are going to catch up and hopefully have a little fun. Hoping you have a wonderful and bright weekend!! XOX

I am loving the gingham trend. Julia’s dress is one of the cutest!

I came across this gorgeous hotel while browsing the other day. It is an Instagram dream. Maybe one day!

I love this swimsuit. The light and dreamy color is so pleasant.

My mom uses this foundation and I have been wanting to try. It seems to be a really good one!

I just finished this book within a few hours and it was such a quick easy read!

I just fell in love with this color and these sandals! NEED for summer!

I really want to go to Miami, and this made me want to go even more!

I have seen this beauty brand all over recently and can’t wait to try!

I’ll take them all, please and thanks!





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